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In As Little As 5 Weeks


Force Your Body to LOSE BELLY FAT 300% FASTER

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In As Little As 5 Weeks – GUARANTEED!


We are Bellyproof, an online body transformation system with a unique approach!

Programs that anyone can use and get results they can be proud of.

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The ONLY Program Designed to:

  • Get Rid of Your Belly Fat by Targeting Alpha-2 Receptors and Blood Circulation
  • Force Your Body to Burn Fat (by Breaking it First)
  • Make You Feel and Look Significantly Better From Week Two – GUARANTEED!



Alpha-2 Receptors and Cold Belly

Does your stomach / love handles / back fat feel colder when you compare it to the temperature of your face?

When a body part is cold to the touch, it often indicates restrictive blood flow which in itself can be an indicator of alpha-2 receptors activity – a serious obstacle to burning belly fat.

Why does it matter and what can I do?

Limited circulation means limited oxygen delivery and restricted access to the areas you are trying to target. Alpha-2 Receptors block the proper “beta-3” receptors binding sites for adrenaline, thereby limitation the action to mobilize triglycerides. The activity of Alpha-2 receptors is primarily triggered by elevated blood sugar and lack of deep sleep.

Alpha-2 receptors are the primary reasons why people called belly fat “stubborn”, as they make fat loss in that area significantly harder.

We take serious measures to help you inhibit alpha-2 receptors where you need to lose fat. We do so by targeting every part of the hormonal chain. The result is a fat tissue that’s easier to work with and is more responsive to both fat breaking and fat burning.



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Six Pack Abs & V-Cut

This optional material is fully integrated into the Premium edition.

While teaching you how to lose belly fat is the main goal, having a nice set of six pack abs can really make a big difference to your final look!

It’s a myth that “Abs are created in the kitchen”. It’s also a myth that crunches are the best way to develop abs. You can find many examples of marathon runners who are below 10% of body fat yet have no visible abs. The opposite can also be true.

It’s not a coincidence! Look at our before and after success stories, a lot of them fashion a visible six pack, and it’s more than just a low body fat percentage. It’s muscle development.

We call it a body transformation!


Flexible Weight Loss Nutrition

Suitable for everyone, including Vegans.

Personal Diet Meal Plans (Premium Edition / Unlimited)

No full body transformation is complete without good nutrition.
A progressive and non restrictive way to eat healthy and progress your goals. Without counting a single calorie.

  • Gut-Friendly, Sugar and Gluten Free.
  • Centered around PPARs & Hormones, not Calories.
  • Low Carb with a smarter approach (it’s not keto).
  • Proprietary LION method for Intermittent Fasting.

Is it Keto? (it's not...)

How many carbs? Is it Keto?

Carbs are up to 70ga day split in a strategic way. In a way, this is still considered low carbs, but it’s miles away from being as low as a “keto diet”. This is part of the reason we say this is close to a ketogenic diet, but it’s not a ketogenic diet. Moreover, we do not rely on nutritional ketosis for the program because nutritional ketosis is merely a small expression of fat burning (ketones are by definition a “by-product” of beta-oxidation or “fat burning”) and we do fat-breaking and burning on a much larger scale. It may not be bread and rice at an all you can eat restaurant, but it’s a very easy way to maintain a proper nutrition.

Details can be found in the 3rd video of our Youtube series.

What about calories?

Calories – are brilliant, when you don’t know what you’re doing…

This is most controversial part of the program. We do not count calories, The third video in our youtube series explains why in-detail.

Is it all about a winning diet?

How important is the diet? How important is the exercise?

While the Diet and accompanying structures are the easiest part of the plan to implement, they are still key. We like the Broadway / West-end show metaphor. Imagine you are creating a winning performance for an audience to see.

The diet and structures are like having the stage, the sound, the lights or even the venue itself. It’s important to have it, but it’s not the performance itself.

The unique structure with the BellyProof exercise program (which cannot be replaced for “just any exercise / HIIT / Cardio / Weights”) is the actual performance. And your success depends on it. It’s incredibly specific and well guided in the full program for that very reason.

  • Diet alone cannot account for breaking and burning fat, neither can intermittent fasting. But they can create the ideal supporting conditions for you to make a success out of it.
  • You can have a performance without a stage (70%) and it’s not going to be very good and you can have a stage without a performance (30%) and it’s also not going to serve the purpose. We need the two to work together.
  • You cannot do “whatever” in the gym, you cannot follow a program you saw somewhere or running or weight lifting. It wouldn’t cut it. You have to do the protocol as it’s written because it’s done in a specific way to get the maximal amount of fat broken (before burning it) as many times as possible over as many days as possible (with minimal fatigue as possible)  – and that’s how we guarantee your results!

“We loved the personalized recipes! They were delicious and made us feel great. The people who wrote them took great care in designing them to our preferences and it shows.”

Diana and GaryPescaterian

Fat breaking and Fat burning

The main point we make is that you must break fat (known scientifically as “lipolysis”) and then burn the broken fat (known as “beta-oxidation” of fatty acids). This is the definition of fat loss!

We go into this in great detail in the 4th video in the BellyProof series.

What is Fat Breaking and why is it so important?

You must break fat before you can lose it. This is the #1 scientific principle behind weight loss that is often ignored in mainstream fitness yet it is the foundation of all weight loss related scientific literature.

We are often told to “eat less and train more”, “count calories”, “run a lot” or “diet hard”. It seems simple and it works to a certain degree, but it’s not the most efficient way. In fact, mainstream methods are painfully lacking in scientific reasoning once you dig a bit deeper and you are guaranteed to run into obstacles should you pursue an approach that ignores the biological process.

Fat breaking is known in science as Lipolysis (lipo = “fat”, Lysis = “breaking”) and it’s the process of breaking down triglycerides (found in fat cells which makes adipose tissue). Each triglyceride breaks into glycerol and three free fatty acids.

Fat burning is by definition, burning down (or “beta-oxidation”) of these free fatty acids. This is how you lose fat and this is why it’s important to know how to optimize fat breaking and fat burning to get better results.

In reality, you can’t just “burn fat” from your body. Science does recognize that you have to access the tissue (adipose tissue), break triglycerides, mobilize those fatty acids and then (and only then), you can burn them (beta-oxidation) to meet an energy demand (ATP production).

Isn't running, lifting, dieting and counting calories enough?

A certain degree of burning and breaking will happen regardless of what you do. However, if you are hoping to get better results, you need to know how to break and burn more fat. In reality, while something as simple as “calories” or “running” may appeal to those who are afraid to dig deeper, they never will account for effective fat breaking. They may give you some results, but if you are limiting yourself to calories only, your results are going to be very limited as well.

The problem is the complexity as this is not a simple subject.

For example:

  • Running (and other exercises) can be used both to break or burn fat – but how do you know which of the two takes dominates?
  • Intensity matters a lot, but intensity is subjective and changes as you get fatigued!
  • Your hormonal state can turn an efficient exercise, to a non-efficient exercise. So setting everything right makes a ton of difference.

It’s also more about structure than quantities. For example:

  • A high fat diet can help you lose more weight when used well. Even though a high fat diet is higher in calories than a low fat diet (which is less effective).
  • Having even the a small amount of food an hour before exercise or 5 hours after exercise will give you 2 extremely different results. Same food, same exercise (same calories in vs calories out) but different timings can make or break your results.

At the end of the day, anything you do will have some effect. But if you are serious about losing weight (and you want to lose a lot), then you need to get serious about what you are doing. Bellyproof is how you do that.

What is the best way to break fat?

People often want us to tell them the simplest way of doing things. The simple way is outlined in the program step by step with over 100 video tutorials, that’s how we make it simple.

Same as it’s not “simple” to just fly an aircraft or trade stocks, biology is also far from a simple 1 step process.

There’s a lot you can do, but if you are hoping to find a simple “best exercise” that will change everything for you, it doesn’t exist.

Weight Loss vs Fat Loss

Often when people want to get in shape, they judge their progress by how much weight they lose according to the scales.

Cut your food, increase your exercise and you may as well drop 2 kg in 3 days – it’s been done and it’s easy! But that’s not fat loss!

Fat loss is the art and science of losing body fat. In other words, the most effective ways to break and burn more fat in a short amount of time. Weight loss is just about losing weight, which is different to losing body fat.

Your weight is composed from many different thing (i.e. “body composition”) aside from body fat. Things like glycogen and water can often be lost and gained much quicker than fat it self. Most people cut food and increase exercise which results in glycogen depletion. That leads to a great deal of weight loss but not fat loss. The moment you step out of line, you put it all back. We call it “yoyo weight”.

The good news is that Bellyproof accounts for that. We promise you will lose body fat, and plenty of it.

What's the science behind it?

Lipolysis is triggered primarily via a hormonal response (refer to video 4: Adri, Tes, Growmona) as well as Cortisol. These can be manipulated both during the workout (by controlling intensity and therefore Adrenaline and type 2b muscle fibers) as well as through diet and sleep (by promoting better sleep and by maintaining a fasted state, you can drive a stronger “fight or flight” response which is directly connect to Lipolysis). The result is the activation of adenylate cyclase, which then triggers cAMP (cyclic-adenosine monophosphate).

cAMP then activates protein kinase which in turn activate lipases. Lipases are enzymes which perform the action we call lipolysis (separating Triglycerides into three free fatty acids and glycerol).

That’s fat breaking!

Beta-Oxidation (fat burning) happens when we get the free fatty acids into the mitochondria (mostly that of muscle cells) and “burn” them to produce energy in the form of ATP. It’s an aerobic process that uses oxygen.
As certain muscle fibers (type 1 and 2a) are rich in mitochondrial content, we can bias beta-oxidation by allowing more activity all over the body that would focus on these fibers. We do it in more than one way.

Reference to all the above and for more about the science of lipolysis (fat breaking) here.

How long does a body transformation take?

As little as 5 weeks. There’s no limit however and you can always strive to lose more fat or build more muscle if you want to go again or extend the journey.

We like 5 weeks as we know a lot can be achieved in that time frame, and it’s helps motivation greatly as the finish line is always in sight.

Full Body Transformation

belly fat body transformation

Some of us have a lot of weight to lose but you don’t have to be obese to suffer from belly fat and love handles.

When your clothes don’t fit, or that belly jiggles when you run – you become very conscious that your stomach might be visible and drawing attention. Belly fat is also bad for health and has links to a wide range of health conditions.

It’s not a simple matter of eating less, training more and counting your calories (although if you do nothing else, that would be a good place to start). The reality is that it’s a more complex problem that requires a better solution. We did years of research and built a powerful system based in hard-core science. It’s in depth – but it’s also easy to follow step by step.

You can expect a complete system, fun, clever (and educating). Don’t underestimate it, it works! Expect to lose belly fat quickly. Expect to become healthier and be comfortable in your own skin again. We have a name for that, it’s called a complete body transformation.

All my life I was unhappy with my body. I started this email weeks ago and never got to send it as I couldn't find the words to do it justice! You have genuinely changed my life.


I have been around and tried just about everything before this. This was so different and cool. Loved it!

Will P.

I just wish more people knew about your program. An absolute game changer!

Leo A.A positive experience I recommend to everyone.

Had to quickly lose belly fat and build some muscles to prove I can reverse my health conditions. My life was transformed for the better in just over 1 month!

Ahmad S.Inspiring!

Who knew that learning how to lose belly fat could change so much, and not just on the scales!

Simon and ElaineKnowledge and expertise pay off


Everyone you see had to learn how to lose belly fat, they were all unfit, and not everyone believed they can do it. Just like you…

The best targeted program out-there. The first program that made a visible and lasting difference. Even the trainers at my gym couldn't believe my results.

Roger K.

This was the missing piece! Even after trying so many other fitness workouts. This was the first program with an in-depth scientific approach.


Body Balance & Well-Being

Discover a balance and improve every aspect of your well-being. From sleep to libido and all the way to fat metabolism with all-natural methods. Better Humans! We help you achieve a natural body transformation, from the inside out.

No Steroids, No dodgy weight loss slimming tablets, No Chemicals


Optimized for Belly-Fat

Alpha-2 & Cortisol Receptors make the fat in your belly & love handles, much harder to work with. We work to inhibit these receptors in a direct way, making your stubborn fat easier to tackle.

How to Lose Belly Fat with Fat Adaptation

Make your mitochondria more efficient at using fat (rather than glucose) as a source of energy. This helps you burn more fat and stay leaner even after you finished the program. Famously known as ‘fat adaptation’, we focus on the “mitochondrial trainers” called PPAR that promote specific molecular changes to the mitochondria in favor of fat burning.

Your Wellbeing Matters

From digestion (gut health) to how your move through exercise and in life, pain-free and with articulated grace. We think a body transformation should be more than just the way you look. It should also help you become healthier, more balanced on a hormonal level, and have better joints and organs. It’s not just about getting a six pack.

Check out the official YouTube channel for the full Bellyproof series!

Are you ready?