How did I transform my body in 5 weeks
without calories, crunches or even running…

How did I transform my body in 5 weeks
without calories, crunches or even running…

The video is 6 minutes. You will want to watch it all as there is incredible information in there!


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BellyProof Skinny Fat Transformation

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The BellyProof System works for 3 different types of people:

Skinny Fat

What is Skinny Fat and how can you fix it? Skinny fat people don’t look fat in clothes. Not until they take them off! Then… it’s obvious that looks are deceptive. It happens because of little muscle tone, high body fat percentage and messy fat distribution.

We would like to help people transform the “skinny fat” body type by addressing all three. The good news are you can improve your muscle definition, improve fat distribution, so it’s more even, and reduce your body fat by a significant amount. You can check the pictures taken through the project to turn both myself and others from skinny fat to fit.
It’s great, expect to lose belly fat quickly and be comfortable in your own skin again.

Estrogen Dominant

Estrogen often shows as Moobs for men and thunder thighs for Women. We will help you shift estrogen balance while maximizing your body’s ability to create hGH, a hormone that works to break previously stored stubborn fat. Make stubborn fat in the chest, thighs, belly and even arms more accessible. This is simply a matter of improving blood flow and reducing alpha-2 receptors resistance where it is high.

Obese / Yo-Yo

Truth be told, if you got much to lose, it’s possible that any steps taken to reduce your mass will help to some extent (any program or diet). The difference is that BellyProof is far more targeted to help you get better results. With BellyProof you lose body fat around 2-3 times faster than what you previously experienced.

See, traditional programming overlooks important factors. Factors like blood flow, hormonal balance, movement science (“muscle groups” are different to movement) and more. The majority of programs ignore a key principle for weight loss. Ensure you are losing body-fat (not just water) by breaking the fat prior to burning it. We will help you ace it and get you into a happier shape 🙂

Seven UNIQUE Programs

Smart design behind the scenes, simple to do in practice. Find out how improving mobility with hard-core science changes the way you train. Discover why getting better fat “breaking” before trying to burn it is the only way to guarantee success.

Get ready to optimize everything with a unique structure. Forget anything you ever knew about smart training, we set the standard!

The best skinny fat transformation program out-there. The first program that really made a difference. Even the trainers at my gym were amazed at my results.

Roger K.

Great results in less than 3 weeks and even more so, my back feels better than it ever did (even after 4 years of physio). I owe Jacob big time for this!

Gary O.

Abdominal Blood Flow

Touch the fat on your belly, is it relatively cold? This is typical of a skinny fat transformation or most weight loss struggles indeed. If different body parts are cold, it may indicate restrictive blood flow.

Let’s fix it!

Previously, my belly felt really cold, even after finishing a run! Two weeks in, my tummy is not cold anymore and I have lost a significant amount of weight. Without a doubt, this is the best weight loss program to date.

Amir O.

This was the missing piece. Having tried all the other programs like P90X and Beach Body, I was surprised to find a program with an in-depth scientific approach. Absolute game changer!

Sarah A.

Skinny Fat Transformation

The best way to lose belly fat is now available as a guided program.

We’ve all faced this problem. We run, we lift, we count our calories but somehow our bodies feels fat. Some of us look skinny in clothes, and fat without them (this is called “skinny fat”).

It can be frustrating! We have people going to the gym, working hard and managing a diet and yet they are left with a belly. A tough reminder that fitness ideas can be very flawed.
When they ask good questions, they often get limited answers that rely on calories and metabolism. If you understand why that mindset is flawed, then you will understand you can’t fix a problem with the same mindset which created it.

I want to show you how to burn belly fat by using a different mindset. We think calories and metabolism don’t matter much, but low testosterone, ineffective program design and simple things like blood flow do.

in conclusion, inconvenient factors are simply too important to “conveniently” ignore for those who are serious about getting the absolute best results.

Good exercises to lose belly fat. This worked for me and was an essential tool in my efforts to reverse my diabetes. Forever grateful!

Ahmad S. (Ex-Type 2 Diabetic)

I have been around and tried just about everything before this. This was so different and cool. Loved it!

Will P.

The cornerstone in my amazing transformation. I knew it was gold after the very first week. Highly recommend!

Jay R.

No longer staying at night thinking about the next trend that teaches how to burn belly fat. A positive experience I recommend to everyone,

Leo A.An eye opener and a great skinny fat workout for men!

Balance & Well-Being

Discover a balance and improve every aspect of your well-being. From sleep to libido and all the way to fat metabolism with all-natural methods. Better Humans!

No Steroids, No dodgy weight loss slimming tablets, No Chemicals

the best way to lose belly fat

We loved the meal plans! They were delicious and made us feel great. The people who wrote them took great care in designing them to our preferences and it really shows.

Diana and Gary

Personal Diet Meal Plans!

Forget the word “calories”. As a result of our extensive studies, we have teamed up with a nutrition service. Together, we bring brilliant meal plans that work in-line with the BellyProof material. As a bonus: They are entirely personalized to your dietary needs.

Here’s Why BellyProof is The Best Way to Lose Belly Fat:

Unlike other programs, the Skinny Fat BellyProof system fully address the following.

Controlling the narrative

Some programs ask you to create small healthy life style changes and hope that some day your body looks better. Other programs ignore health all together and ask you to push hard and ignore pain. We think both approaches are incorrect. We can create quick change fast, in 5 weeks. That way we don’t have to commit ourselves to years of confusing our body.

We prefer asking tough questions and not ignore it when “science” doesn’t add up. In addition, more information about this can be found in the extra videos.

BellyProof is probably one of the only programs that is driven by hard-core science, rather than big marketing. And as the science evolves, so does the program.

There are no calories to count, crunches to do or even sprints to run.

Blood Flow

HOW TO BURN BELLY FATThe term “Skinny Fat” and restricted blood flow goes hand in hand. You don’t have to be obese to suffer from belly fat.

Overlooked by the majority of weight loss programs out there. If you can’t get good blood circulation to your stomach, then you can’t benefit from everything that blood brings with it. We’re talking oxygen to oxidize fatty acids (fat burning). Your ability to deliver hormones such as Adrenaline and HGH which breaks down adipose fatty tissue.

This is one of the most natural ways to reduce belly fat! Failing to address blood flow, is like leaving your game-plan on the table and using wishful thinking instead. We offer you a chance to take it to the next level.

Insulin and Fasted states

In a fitness world that’s all about protein, calories and eating like rabbits, it’s easy to miss the big picture. What drives weight loss is hormones, which themselves can be driven by both dietary changes and physical exercise.

Most of the weight loss programs out there, neglect to look at the big picture. They’ll tell you to only diet and do light exercise. They will neglect to mention how various hormonal factors are driven by different types of training. They have a limited scope of understanding, often restricted to calories. This is why some of them even encourage you to have a pre-workout snack, failing to understand pre-training insulin response.

A good weight loss program should not consider 1 or 2 aspects of weight loss, it should count for all of them and this is what we aspire to do. This is why BellyProof is considered the gold standard and one of the best weight loss programs available.


Low Testosterone

Many programs presume that low testosterone is only reserved for people who don’t exercise. This is a convenient idea as resistance training does raise testosterone. However, on its own, it might not be enough.

How else can we explain the overwhelming numbers of people who workout yet still have saggy moobs problem or low sex drive? Skinny fat people also shows symptoms in lack of muscle mass, despite trying to overcome it. By looking more carefully at ways to elevate testosterone and reduce estrogen, we increase your chances of achieving a better physique. Most of all, we want to make sure you rip the benefits of a better hormonal balance.

Based on the ACTUAL metabolic sequences, not calories

We’ve all been there: eat less, train hard and you will lose weight. This may be true to a point but it’s based on a limited understanding. Not all hard work is equal, some of it targets different types of muscle fibers for example. In turn, they releases different hormones, which acts differently on fat tissue. More is not always better, harder is not always more.

The BellyProof system prides itself on disengaging from pointless discussion about calories and metabolism while backing it up with some, hard to ignore, scientific evidence.  We argue that the best way to lose belly fat is to follow the biological sequence. This means getting you to break fatty tissue, before attempting to burn it.

Anytime you aren’t optimizing this metabolic cycle, it results in loss of water weight. One of our core principles is that we give your body no choice but to break a lot of fat from the tissue into the blood stream. Only then do we utilize your aerobic capacity to burn the fat. The results speak for themselves.

Branching from the advanced world of movement

Skinny Fat TransformationIn today’s world, most people don’t train their bodies for how they want it to work, they train it to look good in a still photo. If you ever had a

  • “leg day or back & biceps day”
  • you do “cardio vs weights”
  • or you rely on one of the big magazines or gym classes to guide your training…

You are guilty of that.

The problem is that we assume that if we look good, we must be healthy but truth be told, we are creating damage while working through this approach! Nowadays, we have to consider that fitness idols like Ronnie Coleman is crippled as a result of his training – would you follow? Marathon runners die at around 65 consistently – would you make it a life goal? Bodybuilders and general gym warriors have super-arthritic  joints and are sometimes in pain.

We prioritize movement, health and function

Are we so vain that we don’t mind back pain (even at 20 years old) as long as we get big biceps or run? Are we training to look good or be healthy? Do we, as a result, now accept pain and limited movement as the normality?

In contrast, great movers like martial artists, dancers and gymnasts care less about aesthetics and more about how they move. Isn’t it just ironic that those people, have the most athletic physiques on the planet that we deem desirable. They approach training as function. Rather then training a muscle, the focus is what can I do to:

  • Progress a movement / skill.
  • Improve my control and flexibility to be able to get into a position.
  • Get an articulation to work better.
  • Increase over-all measures of strength and cardio-vascular abilities.

They are training their bodies for how they want them to work, not training them for how they want them to look. With that, if you end up looking good after a while doing so, that’s a consequence we are willing to deal with. The problem of course starts as people are looking to get into shape fast. Movers have years of practice before they see their physique change.

We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them (Albert Einstein)

Here’s the beautiful thing: People who train movement get to use their bodies better and activate a lot more muscle tissue than people who train aesthetics. Most noteworthy, we look after all aspects of digestive health, hormonal management and program design. This way, it’s entirely possible to get better results in both weight loss and muscle building while staying mobile and healthy. This is a new approach and it requires a new type of thinking which is ground breaking. This is BellyProof and the results speak for themselves.

Hi, I’m Jacob

and I’m the founder of MovementFirst and BellyProof.
I’ve been changing people’s lives for almost 10 years and helping create better-moving bodies which don’t just look great but also function better.

I’ve created the BellyProof programme as a targeted solution to help more people with their belly because I wanted to reach all those who can’t reach me. Hence, making the option of a life changing program available to you,  no matter where in the world you may live.

I want to expose you to the gold standard of training. A system that will set you on a path to amazing results every single time. I give you BellyProof 2.0, the best way to lose belly fat!




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BellyProof 2.0 – A Complete Skinny Fat Transformation System.