We designed a program from the ground up. A beautiful structure that anyone can use in just 5-6 weeks and get results they can be proud of.


results like this…

Meet BellyProof, a unique online program. Designed to help you optimize your weight loss process, step by step, on the cellular level. Getting you significantly better results in just 5 weeks!  That’s a guarantee!

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How does it work?

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The ONLY program designed to help you:

  • Optimize breaking and burning of fat (Lipolysis vs Oxidation).
  • Improve access to belly fat / love handles. Targeting properties like Insulin, Cortisol, Alpha-2 Receptors and blood circulation.
  • Move better and have better hormonal balance.
  • Transform your body in 5-6 weeks.

Program Highlights (BellyProof v5)

  • The only program designed to help you break fat and then burn fat, in an optimal way.
  • Clever use of gut health, intermittent fasting and ketogenic states.
  • Optimized for apoptosis (killing fat cells instead of shrinking them). We also improve blood oxygenation and fat oxidation.
  • No Calories what so ever, and almost no macros (apart from low carbs).
  • You can do it at any fitness levels and it will be challenging but doable. There’s a big focus on improving movement and mobility. Many of the exercises are unique variations based in various field. From yoga, to functional training and all the way to calisthenics. Every field has something to offer.
  • Get better hormonal reactions to inhibit alpha-2 receptors and cortisol receptors. You will lower insulin while increasing growth hormone and adrenaline. This means not only will you be able to access stubborn fat for the first time, you will also feel great.
  • Fast and easy to work through. It is a breeze to start with and progress into the specifics (that makes it great) as you go along.
  • In 5-6 weeks, we guarantee you will see a massive drop in body fat (including belly fat). You will also experience strength, posture and mobility improvements. We encourage everyone to take their before photos because we know what happens a few weeks later.

Want a Hot Body? Don’t settle for cold love handles!

Touch your face and touch your stomach. Does your stomach / love handles / back fat feels colder? Comparing to the temperature of your face?

This is a typical problem for anyone with stubborn belly fat. When a body part is cold to the touch, it often indicates restrictive blood flow which in itself can be an indicator for alpha-2 receptors activity. Especially in contrast to subcutaneous fat (and beta-2 receptors). Shutting down alpha-2 receptors and getting blood supply to a fat tissue you want to get rid of is a key to success. Restricted circulation means restricted oxygen delivery and restricted access to the areas you are trying to target.


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Six Pack Abs & V-Cut

This optional material is great! It’s integrated in full into the extended program.

Most of us want to develop a nicer mid-section. Losing excess fat is essential. But it doesn’t guarantee you have a developed muscular infrastructure. One that will reveal itself once the fat loss is complete.

For example, there are many photos of marathon runners without a trace of abs (google them). Even though they are under the magical 10% body fat. In similar way if you have good abs development, it will show much before you reach the 10% zone. You can see my six pack even when I am at a medium-high level of 16%-18% body fat. The leaner I go, the more it shows, but it’s visible and you judge for yourself.

While crunches and sit-ups can do you a great deal of damage, the methods we use are far more progressive. It’s no coincidence! Look at our before and after success stories, a lot of them fashion a visible six pack, after only 5-6 weeks.


Flexible Nutrition that Works for Everyone

Suitable for everyone, including Vegans.

YES! We Offer Personal Diet Meal Plans

No full body transformation is complete without good nutrition.
A progressive and non restrictive way to eat healthy and progress your goals. Without counting a single calorie.

The Basics

  • Personalized meal plans (premium version)
  • Gut-Centered, Sugar and Gluten Free.
  • Centered around hormones, not Calories.
  • Low Carb with a smarter approach (it’s not keto).
  • Proprietary LION method for Intermittent Fasting.
  • Either 1 or 2 meals a day

Ever wondered if there is more to weight loss than “calories”?


Is it Keto? (it's not...)

How many carbs? Is it Keto?

Carbs are up to 50 (if doing two meals a day) or 70 grams a day (if doing one meal a day), for most days (not every day).
This is part of the reason I say this is close to a ketogenic diet, but it’s not a ketogenic diet. Moreover, we do not rely on nutritional ketosis for the program because nutritional ketosis is merely a small expression of fat breaking and we do fat-breaking on a much larger scale. This is considered low carb” but that’s as far as “keto” as we go about it.

What about calories?

Calories – this is most controversial part of the program. We do not count calories, we do not believe in calories and we also don’t believe in the tooth fairy. I go into great details about why calories aren’t reliable for anything here.

Is it all about a winning diet?

How important is the diet? How important is the exercise?

The diet is about 15%, the structures (the surrounding protocols) are also about 15% and the exercise plan (which is highly specific) is about 70%.

While the Diet and accompanying structures are the easiest part of the plan to implement, they are still key. I like the Broadway / West-end show metaphor. Imagine you are creating a winning performance for an audience to see.

The diet and structures are like having the stage, the sound, the lights or even the venue itself. It’s important to have it, but it’s not the performance itself.

The unique structure with the BellyProof exercise program (which cannot be replaced for “just any exercise / HIIT / Cardio / Weights”) is the actual performance. That’s 70% of the success and it’s super specific and well guided in the full program for that very reason.

  • Diet alone cannot account for breaking and burning fat, neither can intermittent fasting. But they can create the right supporting conditions for us make a success out of it.
  • You can have a performance without a stage (70%) and it’s not going to be very good and you can have a stage without a performance (30%) and it’s also not going to serve the purpose. We need the two to work together.
  • You cannot do “whatever” in the gym, you cannot follow a program you saw somewhere or running or weight lifting and think that would cut it. You have to do the protocol as it’s written because it’s done in a specific way to get maximal amount of fat broken and burnt – and that’s how we guarantee your results!

“We loved the personalized recipes! They were delicious and made us feel great. The people who wrote them took great care in designing them to our preferences and it shows.”

Diana and GaryPescaterian

Full Body Transformation

belly fat body transformation

Some of us have a lot of weight to lose but you don’t have to be obese to suffer from belly fat and love handles.

When your clothes don’t fit, or that belly jiggles when you run – you become very conscious that your stomach might be visible and drawing attention. Belly fat is also bad for health and has links to a wide range of health conditions.

It’s not a simple matter of eating less, training more and counting your calories (although if you do nothing else, that would be a good place to start). The reality is that it’s a more complex (how complex? keep reading…) problem that requires a better solution. We did years of research and built a powerful system based in hard-core science. It’s in depth – but it’s also easy to follow step by step.

You can expect a complete system, fun, clever (and educating). Don’t underestimate it, it works! Expect to lose belly fat quickly. Expect to become healthier and be comfortable in your own skin again. We have a name for that, it’s called a complete body transformation.

Estrogen Dominant Body

Estrogen often shows as Moobs for men and fatty thighs (thunder thighs) for Women but there’s more to it. Estrogen up-regulate alpha-2 receptors which makes stubborn fat (including on the belly) much harder to deal with. Moreover, Estrogen is down regulated by melatonin which means various stress factors can influence your sleep hormone, not manage estrogen and indirectly make you belly fat stubborn.

There are no shortcuts. If you want to deal with stubborn fat, you have to improve everything – including estrogen and melatonin. We help you tackle this in the program from every front.

Obese / Yo-Yo Weight Loss & Water Retention

The more you have to lose (obese / overweight), the more you will lose as your body has more fat to spare. Sure, changes to your diet and activity levels will be the base but the magic lies in the details. Most people weight loss journey is about the yo-yo effect. They lose a lot of water (and water weight), go on holiday and then coming back home feeling fat and full of guilt. The truth is, fat has nothing to do with it, because they haven’t lost much of it in the first place.

We place a big emphasis on the difference between water weight loss and fat loss. Big difference! We explain it in details in the main video.

All my life I was unhappy with my body. I started this email weeks ago and never got to send it as I couldn't find the words to do it justice! You have genuinely changed my life.


I have been around and tried just about everything before this. This was so different and cool. Loved it!

Will P.

The cornerstone in my amazing transformation. I knew it was gold after the very first week. Highly recommend!

Jay R.

I just wish more people knew about your program. An absolute game changer!

Leo A.A positive experience I recommend to everyone.

Had to quickly lose belly fat and build some muscles to prove I can reverse my health conditions. My life was transformed for the better in just over 1 month!

Ahmad S.Inspiring!

We must break fat (Lipolysis) before we can burn it (Oxidation).

This is the first program of its kind. Designed to help you optimize every aspect of this sequence and lose more body fat in less time.

Yes, it’s about diet and exercise – but this is only the starting point! The more specific you get, the better your results will be.

Have you been around for a while? Are you surprised to find out that mainstream programs overlook inconvenient factors? factors like Alpha-2 receptors, or that lipolysis (fat breaking) is triggered in specific ways and that oxidation (fat burning) can happen primarily in specific places. Do you know what happens when we stop ignoring inconvenient information that can really help us? We do better!


Jacob Nadav

Jacob Nadav is a Fitness Specialist

Move better, Feel better and Look Great in a Bikini or a Pair of Speedos

Optimized for Stubborn-Fat

Alpha-2 & Cortisol Receptors make the fat in your belly & love handles, much harder to work with. We work to influence these in a direct way, making your stubborn fat, less stubborn.

Fat Adapted

Make your body more efficient at using fat (rather than glucose) as a source of energy. This helps you burn more fat and stay leaner even after you finished the program. Read more.

Optimized for Gut Health

Your gut health is very much responsible for your hormonal balance. Sure, probiotics matter but it goes deeper than you can imagine. The benefits to long term body composition and health are clear. Read more here.

How to Lose Stomach Fat Fast with the BellyProof System

This is the best system out there for losing your stubborn fat. You will feel better overnight and start seeing results in 3-6 days.

We all want to lose belly fat overnight but it’s impossible. Most systems would advocate a rate of 1-2 pounds of weight drop a week. But what if we can tell you that it can be quick? With our optimizations to the process, you can start seeing serious results and lose belly fat in a week. Sure, a week or 10 days might not be enough to lose everything you aim for. But with visible results in 3-6 days and counting, why would anyone want to stop?

BellyProof is your complete body transformation system. Showing you step by step, how to lose belly fat the natural way. And faster than you could ever dream possible. We deliver on that promise by using better science in our program design. This a body transformation challenge that’s ahead of everything else. We dare you to try and find any weight loss products that go into these level of details. Part of the reason is that BellyProof opposes many mainstream ideas. We go against the traditional fitness transformation approach to lose stomach fat. Instead, we take a very specific route. Using some incredible research to accelerated natural weight loss.

The way to a flat stomach doesn’t start and end with will power and motivation. It’s not uncommon to try running, weight lifting and counting calories. And yet, still have very little success with lower belly fat. Have you faced this problem before?

It is often confusing! Often we find that people who want to get into a better shape are often very confident in how to lose the extra pounds. They visit the gym, sweat hard and suffer a strict diet. Yet, many of them can’t seem to shift the stomach. This is a solid reminder that many of the ideas the fitness industry preaches are plain and simple, wrong.

There is nothing worse than shutting down the curious minds. Good questions often receives confusing answers. Missed opportunities with answers revolving around low metabolism or the amount of calories.  The problem is with the way the industry condition us to think. It’s flawed to the core. It is impossible to fix a problem with the same approach that creates it in the first place.

I would like to take you through a very different approach to lose and burn belly fat. With our approach, stuff like “calories” or “metabolism” matters less. Hormones, circulation to the (cold) belly and a smarter program design matters more.

To summarize, the fitness industry likes to ignore inconvenient factors. Factors that don’t fit the narrative it preaches. But often, those exact factors are far too important to ignore. Especially if you are serious about taking your results to the next level.

The best targeted program out-there. The first program that made a visible and lasting difference. Even the trainers at my gym couldn't believe my results.

Roger K.

This was the missing piece! Even after trying so many other fitness workouts. This was the first program with an in-depth scientific approach.


the best way to lose belly fat

Body Balance & Well-Being

Discover a balance and improve every aspect of your well-being. From sleep to libido and all the way to fat metabolism with all-natural methods. Better Humans! We help you achieve a natural body transformation, from the inside out.

No Steroids, No dodgy weight loss slimming tablets, No Chemicals

Here’s Why BellyProof is The Best Way to Lose Belly Fat:

There are many ways to lose fat, but nothing as extensive as BellyProof. Unlike other programs, the BellyProof Body Transformation system address the following in full:

Controlling the science narrative

Some programs ask you to create small healthy life style changes. With the hope that some day your body will look better. Other programs ignore health all together and ask you to push hard and ignore pain. In a way, both approaches are incorrect. We can create quick change fast, in 5 weeks. That way we don’t have to commit ourselves to years of confusing our body.
We prefer asking tough questions and not ignore it when “science” doesn’t add up. You can find more information about those tough questions, in the videos we publish.
BellyProof is one of the only programs driven by hard-core science. Science rather than big marketing. And as the science evolves, so does the program.

There are no calories to count, crunches to do or even sprints to run.

Belly Blood Flow

You don’t have to be obese to suffer from a big belly.

Overlooked by the majority of fitness programs out there. If you can’t get good circulation to the fat cells in your stomach then you are in trouble. You need circulation to enjoy everything that blood brings with it. We’re talking oxygen to oxidize the broken fat (FFA). Known as “burning calories”, it is in fact “fat oxidation”. Blood circulation also determines other abilities. Like your ability to deliver Adrenaline and Growth hormone. Both Hormones breaks down adipose fatty tissue.

This is one of the most natural ways to reduce belly fat! Failing to address this issue is like leaving your game-plan on the table. And instead, wishful thinking. We offer you a chance to take it to the next level.

Reducing Insulin and Fasted states for Better Results

In a fitness world that’s all about protein, calories and eating like rabbits, it’s easy to miss the big picture. The truth is that hormones drives real fat loss. You can drive very different hormonal responses. Based on changes to diet and physical exercise. These words aren’t magical, you can drive them in different directions. We want to show you how to do it right.

It’s so fast! Ever wondered how to lose belly fat in a week? Well, the total body transformation takes 5-6 weeks. But initial results are there for you to witness within the first week! This is of course much faster than the average. Average being 12 weeks body transformation or even 6 months body transformation. Once you learn how inefficient the average systems are, you will understand. It’s hardly surprising it takes so long for them to get a similar result. We don’t waste time doing thing in a way that’s inefficient, and that’s how we get faster results. It still takes hard work, but when you optimize your process you get faster results and less time wasting.

Low Testosterone and Lack of Muscles

Many programs assume that low testosterone is only reserved for sedentary people. This assumption is because resistance training does elevate testosterone. But, on its own, it might not be enough.
How else can we explain the overwhelming numbers of people who suffer from this? Those who workout yet still have saggy moobs problem or low sex drive? Usually if you look fat, it’s not going to be only about fat percentage. More often, it’s a combination of high fat percentage and not enough muscle mass. This doesn’t mean looking like a hulk, but you need some muscles if you want to look lean.
We look at clever ways to elevate testosterone and reduce estrogen. The idea is simple! We want to increase your chances of achieving a better physique. Most of all, we want to make sure you rip the benefits of a better hormonal balance and better metabolism.

Based on the ACTUAL metabolic sequences, not calories

We’ve all been there: eat less, train hard and you will lose weight. This may be true to a point but it’s based on a limited understanding. Not all hard work is equal, some of it targets different types of muscle fibers for example. In turn, they releases different hormones, which acts in different ways on fat tissue. More is not always better, harder is not always more.

The BellyProof system prides itself on being unique in that field. We dis-engage from pointless discussion about calories and metabolism. We do so while backing it up with some, hard to ignore, scientific evidence. We argue that the best way to lose fat is to follow the biological sequence. This means getting you to break fat, before attempting to burn it.

Anytime you aren’t optimizing this metabolic cycle, it results in loss of water weight. One of our core principles is that we give your body no choice but to break fat from the tissue into the blood stream. Only then do we take advantage of your aerobic capacity to burn the fat. The body transformation results speak for themselves.

 Belly fat is more dangerous to your health than over all obesity

This is because if your fat distribution revolves around the middle, you are at a higher risk. Risk of developing heart disease, diabetes and other not-so-fun conditions. But why is your middle so stubborn to begin with?

  • Stomach fat has 400% more cortisol receptors than regular subcutaneous fat.
  • All stubborn fat in the body suffers from heightened Alpha-2 receptor activity. This makes the tissue very resistant to lipolysis (fat breaking).
  • Abdominal tissue has restricted blood supply, preventing the delivery of oxygen and hormones. These take part in the fat-burning sequence.

If you ever heard that “you lose fat in an even way, yet the belly is the last to go”, now you are starting to understand why. This is how people end up skinny all over, yet fat in the belly. Well, what if we can take the resistance and guide you through an ultra optimized way of losing weight. Would you be skinny everywhere? The answer is one gigantic YES!

Branching from the advanced world of movement science

In today’s world, most people don’t train their bodies for how they want it to work, they train it to look good in a still photo. In today’s world, most people don’t train their bodies for how they want it to work, they train it to look good in a still photo. The BellyProof workout has both in mind. A skinny fat transformation that results in a complete change in body shape. But also… some powerful mobility gainz.

With BellyProof, you are not limited only to a gym and you can lose belly fat fast at home and with minimal equipment.

The focus is still losing a ridiculous amount of weight. We also promise you will feel better and improve your mobility.

This is BellyProof and the results speak for themselves.


Please note: BellyProof is a trademark, all rights reserved.

Thinking beyond “eat this food” or “do that exercise”:

Many people look for foods that burn belly fat (or foods to avoid to lose belly fat). They look for exercises they can incorporate. Stuff that will help them on their journey to reduce belly fat fast. In reality, there are no magic bullets and I’ll explain:

  • This thinking is still based on calorie deficits. The problem starts with lack of real understanding in how the body lose and store fat. That why these deficits will almost always come from stored glycogen. Not from body fat. This will result in yo-yo weight loss rather than true fat loss.
  • Eating certain foods can indeed increase inflammation, nutrient overload and more. But foods on their own have zero capacity to create fat burning or fat breaking. You need both processes to lose fat in an efficient way. It’s the system as whole, rather than the specific foods.
  • The same holds true for those looking for exercises to get rid of belly fat. There are intensities, muscle groups, fiber types and hormonal states to consider. It’s no longer enough to say “running for weight loss” or “ab-crunching” to define the area. If only it was as easy as including an exercise or a food and change everything. If that was the case, there would not be an epidemic of obesity to deal with. The reality is different!

Are you serious about creating a significant body transformation? Then you have to change how you view the system. It would not be possible to think about a list of foods to get rid of belly fat or a list of exercises to help you lose fat. Don’t try to incorporate a useful exercise or a useful food, in a bad framework. It would be 100% better to re-examine the context altogether.

You have to treat the body as a complete system and play within the rules. That’s part of the magic in the BellyProof program. We aim beyond giving you the best way to achieve results, but also to educate you on what works and what doesn’t. Because the fastest way to lose belly fat can never be about short-cuts. It’s about doing things right and milking every angle in your benefit.