Becoming More Fat Adapted

One of the more subtle goals of the BellyProof program is to help you become more fat adapted.

What are the benefits of becoming more fat-adapted

  • Higher capacity to burn fat (assuming it was broken first). As your body becomes more efficient at using the fat for fuel., you can burn fat more… efficiently.
  • Easier to keep your weight down and stay lean after finishing a weight loss process.
  • More stamina, less energy fluctuations and your energy feels more clear (almost like an adrenaline buzz).
  • Less carbohydrate and sugar cravings. You are more likely to crave fatty foods such as bacon, eggs and avocado, over carby-sugary food such as bread, oatmeal or cornflakes.
  • Being able to go without food for longer, no more feeling hangry (as in hungry and angry) every few hours.
  • Less likelihood of blood sugar drops and feeling shaky.

BellyProof 5 Weeks Transformation

Fat adaptation is but a small part of the science!

Watch the Proof and Method

What happens on the cellular level, stays on the cellular level:

Think of a fat-adapted state as the option most of us don’t have, and you will. Most people are so inefficient at burning fat that their body’s only other option is to burn glucose. That makes them depend on carbs, sugar and everything in between. They can’t efficiently sustain a fasted state without going crazy, they can’t rip the benefits of better weight loss and better energy and they can’t allow for deeper restoration of the body which happens primarily in fasted state.

This leaves more people with bad options: Eating constantly, getting hungry constantly, burning more food (and less body fat) and developing a chain reaction of bad hormonal balance, which affects us in different ways.

But, there is a way out…

Becoming fat adapted is a process that happens on the cellular level as you help your body utilize fats better. As you do, your mitochondria (a cellular organ which acts as a power house in every cell in your body) makes internal changes so it’s able to utilize fat. Since most of us are addicted to sugar and carbs, we are very good at metabolizing glucose, as we become better at metabolizing (and using) fat as a source of energy, we become more metabolically flexible. 

More options is always better than restrictions.

At some point down the line, we can become so good at this cellular adaption that we starts burning more fat than we do glucose. At this point we’ve created a long-lasting change that we can easily keep. We call this state “fat adapted”. And we’re talking on the cellular level.

Fat Adapted in 1 Week, Ripped in 5 Weeks.

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Morpheus (The Matrix)

How do you become fat adapted?

Dietary changes are not about calories

From a macro-nutrient ratio point of view, you will want to reduce carbs in favor of fats. So called “good fats” are better, such as flax-seed, avocado, olive oil, coconut oil etc… Since fat is 9 calories per gram (vs 4 calories per gram with carbs), this step may spike your calorie intake significantly but who cares… calories don’t matter as much as we used to think.

While Keto and low carb diets do help here, it would be a mistake to claim there’s nothing more to it.

Your body needs fasted states

Intermittent fasting comes in many shapes and forms and can be an efficient tool to re-program the hormonal response in our bodies. It’s not just about the nutrient supply. The lack of food in the system all together can help with hormonal response such as adrenaline and HGH, which is partly responsible for the breaking of fat (in order for us to burn them), as well as the famous “buzzed” feeling you get from adrenaline. The special format we use in the BellyProof program, takes advantage of that but also allows us to benefit from increased blood circulation and inhibition of receptors that are found on belly fat and love handles. WIN WIN.

Educate yourself about cellular fat breaking

Learn how to enhance lipolytic responses (lipolysis = fat breaking) in the body and encourage maximal oxidation (fat oxidation = burning of the broken fat). This is a big subject and the more you learn about it, the more fat you will be able to break down. Once the fat is broken, you can burn it and lose fat (instead of just glycogen and water). As you get better at the fat adaption, you will burn more body fat for your given efforts. We have extensive information on the website to help you learn this, feel free to browse.

Plenty of water. Your body needs it.

Drink plenty of water. Fat locks down toxins and as you become better as getting rid of body fat, your body will be flushed back with the toxins. The worst thing is to burn fat, release it’s toxins into the body without giving the body a way to flush them out of the system. Drinking plenty of water (4.. 5… 6 liters – even more) through out the day, will help you do this and echance other functions as well.

How Long Does it Take to Become Fat Adapted

The simple answer is: we don’t know, but not that long. This is a process that even if done efficiently, can take different amount of time for different people. On average if you do everything right, you can expect to become fat adapted in 5-6 weeks.

This is generally depending on how well you keep a low carb – high fat state, how well you maintain your fasted states, how you exercise and finally how well adapted on the hormonal level you starting out.

Someone that has a sugar addiction, might find it harder to break that cycle. Not just mentally, also the physical dependency and how your hormones, enzymes and everything else reacting to the change. But be confident in the process, follow it and it will happen for you like it does for everyone else that did it before you. You are not that special snowflake, everyone go through it and some people find it easier than others, but it happens regardless.

On the same note, we should also be asking: How sustainable is the adaption?

fat adapted time

Are you going to become sugar-dependant the moment you go on holiday and binge eat for one day? The answer is no. But in a similar way you become adapted to fat, you could reverse that and become more efficient at burning sugar if you change your lifestyle. Bodybuilders are a good example, some of them start lean and fairly fat adapted. As many of them are worried about starving muscles, they end up eating carbs 6-8 times a day (not uncommon). This may seem like a good idea but everything comes at a price, and their body does adapt to that way of living. It’s not to say they are stuck with it, but regardless of where they have started, many of them discover that leaning down is not simply a question of how much “active muscle tissue” you have (in order to burn more calories blah blah blah). A lot of it has to do with how far they have drifted from their fat-adapted state and into carb and sugar dependency. For some of them, it might be wise to factor in an adjustment time where they can re-do this all too necessary adaptation.

Fat adapted should have been the body’s default

Contrary to what you may think, this is our normal metabolic state. Many experts believe strongly that we developed to become good fat burners which would suit the hunters – gathers lifestyle our ancestors led. After all, the convenience of having food anytime we want, including fast highly processed (and available) food, wasn’t always something we had.

Our ancestors had to go through long days of work (or even hunt), doing physical activity on minimal food. If they wanted to survive well, they couldn’t afford being constantly hangry (hungry and angry), thinking about the next meal and feeling wiped out if they skipped one.

The same is true for animals in nature. You don’t see animals hunt (psychical activity) when they are fed. They are always doing it when they are hungry, primed for action. As soon as your Insulin level drop, you can achieve a better adrenaline response, meaning you are better primed for a fight or flight situation. This is a survival mechanism we have heard lots about, but most of us have completely forgotten how to use it to their advantage. Not just in a real fight, but also for health, fitness and hormonal balance.




We have a little incentive for you to start sharing your results too!

Everyone who shares their before and after weight loss pictures will be awarded unlimited free access to our long-term program “BellyProof Muscle” as a thank you. We believe testimonials are too unreliable (most companies fake them & edit them), but your results cannot be faked. We also offer big commissions to bellyproofers who would like to promote the program to others, as long as you’re using your results and your experience to do so to maintain authenticity.

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The ONLY program designed for:

  • Optimal breaking and burning of fat (Lipolysis vs Oxidation).
  • Stubborn Fat (cold belly / love handles) by targeting Insulin, Cortisol, Alpha-2 Receptors and Restricted blood circulation.
  • Humans, with mobility, intermittent fasting and hormones in mind.
  • Optimal results in 5-6 weeks.
before and after weight loss

Despite having a super-stressed lifestyle, getting a horrible flu and having to travel long-distances to get the gym… he did really well in just under 5 weeks using the program dropping his body fat percentage.

It was a pleasure coaching him in person and online. This dude KILLED IT and his before and after pictures prove it!

Julian email from after the weight loss

Loving these results! Having tried traditional training (lots of cardio, machines, low carbs) for weeks and not seeing the final cut on his belly, Julian found BellyProof. Kind of amazing to think he did this transformation in just 5 weeks.

Well done buddy, I don’t think I need to tell you you’ve done well 🙂 Really good physique now!

Julian Before and After Results
body fat percentage pictures

Franccesco has helped reshape the next version of BellyProof in person. In just 5 weeks, he finished the 25 workouts with over 35% reduction in body fat. While his before and after weight loss photos speaks volumes, it’s not just an incredible visual change. We are talking about an upgraded person in terms of strength and mobility.

Look at that smile! Proud of you buddy, you killed it – and the body fat percentage pictures shows!

Results on video

Check out this impressive result by Chris.

9.3% body fat lost in 5 weeks.

Enzo body transformation before and after
Enzo’s video and review available here

Sam weight loss pictures

Great result for Sam, in the UK, down to about 15% body fat – well done mate!

ripped before and after

We got this great result from Santosh. Well done buddy!

Try and drag the ← slider → left and right.

Great example for how to do this program while doing night shifts. Great to see those love handles disappear!



body fat percentage pictures fred

Dropping down to a healthy body fat percentage is important for your well-being.

Medical weight loss

These body fat pictures belong to a fantastic guy. He has been one of my first test subjects to test the quick weight loss methods introduced in version 2. Not only he was fun to work with, he helped testing and measuring some new ideas to tweak the system further. Safe to say he did AMAZING!

His body fat analysis shows he lost lost an impressive 10Kg of body fat (actual fat tissue – not water!) and shifted local fat in the tummy from 34% to 18-19% over the course of 6 weeks. It was a big effort but equally a ton of fun. Beside an impressive result, there’s a clear improvement in relaxed posture, co-ordination and strength.

extreme weight loss

From 117Lbs to 105Lbs, this is Steph with a great result both visually and also in terms of posture and mobility. Well done!

Women weight loss results
moobs fat loss

Wow! Incredible results from Ravi!

You may recognize this guy from some of the tutorial videos! He’s famous now 🙂 You can really see the change in the body fat percentage pictures – what a journey, wow!

What a better way to stay motivated than to workout with your other half? Derek and Elaine from Los Angeles have lost over 15lbs in just 5 weeks. Derek has lost quite a bit more over the longer term (photo on the left) which goes to show an inspiring transformation.

That weird moment you realize you have abs!

Your body fat percentage for abs doesn’t always needs to be in single digits. What a crazy body transformation in just over a month!

Before and After Weight Loss - Gil A

Carl’s 5 weeks results (BellyProof v3)

body fat pictures

Magnus lost his belly in 5 weeks, without supplements (we do recommend a few supplements to really help the process) and at home with minimal equipment. It’s such a massive change when you start to enjoy exercise and look forward to the next workout.

getting ripped at a low level body fat
body transformation to increase muscle tone

These two have posted their amazing results on my facebook page.

The older chap, in his words: “Pretty good results for a 51-year old!! 24% to 16% body fat in 5 weeks”. In my words: My friend, you actually did far better than me, be proud! 🙂



Finished the BellyProof program? Let’s get you on the wall of fame!


for science…

We welcome everyone who finished our program, men and women, to share their success stories.



I had the knowledge but I had to gain a lot of weight to prove a point. After all, would you take me seriously if I couldn’t show you proof?

fat personal trainer experiment

Believe me, this was fun! Going to the gym as a fitness professional specializing in mobility and fat loss (both non-traditional) and literally eating cake in the gym. But, having had the overall system setup for clients for a while, I wanted to prove beyond a shred of doubt that it’s working.

So I got fat… it took time.. but I did it.

First of all, I want to take a moment to thank anyone who shared their story, photos and feedback (as well as those doing it right now). We are not just trying to show off but to also change the way the fitness industry look and educate people about fat loss.

It’s not always an easy task to shift the mindset of “I don’t want topless photos of me on the internet because I’m fat” to “look at what’s possible”. It deserves respect. Those photos are all live testimonies of the hard work our bellyproofers accomplished over 5-6 weeks to dramatically change their body composition.

You will see that all the body fat pictures above are for people of different backgrounds, ages, fitness levels and from all walks of life. Some of them started at a higher body fat percentage, with no fitness experience what so ever. Others, actually have a six-pack hiding under the layer of fat which they have now managed to expose by dropping an insane amount of fat in a short time.

Most importantly, the reason they could shift belly fat is because of a smarter approach. We don’t “target” belly fat directly, but we do make it less stubborn – which mean we can effectively lose it and not let it hang behind the rest of the body. This is something often missed with traditional fat loss as not only the structure is ineffective, they often neglect the distribution aspect. Fat distribution is often biased against stubborn stomach fat due to hormonal factors. By dealing with those factors, we can even out the playing field and achieve more fat loss everywhere, not just the face or the torso.

This is also true for the difference between the sexes. Male and Female fat distribution and water retention does differ due to hormonal differences. For males, it’s easier to accumulate chest fat, belly fat and love handles. For women, it’s love handles, thighs (thunder thighs) and under-arm fat (bingo wings).

In that respect, shutting down the factors contributing to the above becoming ever so resistant to fat loss, we can start zapping fat away, even from the most stubborn areas.

Maintaining the “after” state

Before and after weight loss photos are often a problem. What happens once people lost the goal body fat, will they start accumulating it again?

The answer is not so simple but when it comes to most weight loss programs out there, people often re-bound and gain the weight quickly. It’s because a lot of the weight loss came from water weight and glycogen (which is easier to lose but also easier to gain back in days). This can give the illusion of fat loss temporarily until you go binging one day. The truth is, weight loss based on glycogen and water weight might register a smaller number on the scale, but it’s different from losing actual body fat.

Another reason where people struggle is they are often told they need to reduce calories to the point of starvation. As soon as the process is done, what will you do? That’s right – you go and enjoy life. We don’t actually believe in calories (and we have a fantastic video to show why) and while we do have nutritional guidelines, we do not quantify and restrict the amount of food to the grams. We even have pizza allowed (within limits). That means when you finish the program, you don’t feel like you’ve been punished – you feel rewarded.

Most of the people shown here, have been in touch to say that to their surprise, they managed to keep the overall result. This is because we are dealing with actual fat-tissue and we do it in a clever way that doesn’t mess the hormonal system, it improves it. You may not be able to be “photo ready” every day for the rest of your life (i.e. as in your after photo)  but if you follow the program well, and the after-care recommendations, you will find that not only you are able to enjoy life in a balanced way, you can keep your body fat down to a similar level.

You can check out Enzo’s video documentation of his process here

And don’t forget to give him a thumbs up for his efforts.