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About BellyProof

Have you ever noticed that what you were told doesn’t make sense?

  • Eat less to be in a calorie deficit and more to boost your metabolism (both eating less and eating more to lose weight).
  • Measure the calories in everything you eat and exercise, even though it’s impossible to measure it.
  • You must have ultra low body fat to see abs, even though marathon runners often have zero abs despite being under 10% body fat.
  • You can’t eat junk-food and stay lean, even though teenagers can.
  • You are eating thermogenic foods because you heard it boosts your metabolism and burns fat through heat, yet your belly is freezing cold and is not going anywhere.

BellyProof LTD was not born in one day. Simply put, We’ve seen a lot of stuff that don’t make sense in that huge industry we call “Fitness”. From definition of strength and weight loss to personal trainers creating pain (consistently). There are a lot of statements that are drilled into young professionals that are coming into this industry. From being in a calorie deficit for weight loss, eating insane amounts of protein for muscle gain and all the way to old unproven theories about metabolism, mobility and more, that are taught as if they were factual. That brings up questions, questions that often have no answer. The reason is simple – it doesn’t always make sense!

Throughout the early stages of our formal education, there was one question that kept running at the back of our minds. A question we asked so frequently and either got no answer or got a stupid answer. The question was “but why?”.

Simply put, the fitness industry is flawed in many ways and that’s both bad and good as it drives progress. It’s very much about over-stated marketing and money making techniques. More about how you look in front of a camera and less about the science and the actual well-being you can either drive or destroy through your choices.

BellyProof is intended for those individuals who already understand how messed up the industry is and want an alternative approach. An approach that relies heavily on current science and is not shy of asking tough questions or point out errors in critical thinking. Everything has been designed into a workable framework.

A scientific approach that is designed to both educate as well as offer a practical approach to doing things better and getting better results.

This why at BellyProof, we completely stand by our claims of the ability to make you lose fat faster, and yes – from those very same spots that everyone else consider stubborn. We will show you what they say, why it doesn’t make sense and EXACTLY what to do instead.


About our mission statement

At BellyProof we strive to give you the ultimate program for fat loss and to finally make sense of those impossible questions about calories, metabolism, HIIT cardio and weights. Not only we want you to experience a better way to lose fat faster, we also want you to understand the forces at play. From hormones to biological states and sequences that takes place in your body. We are talking real science you can use for the rest of your life to your own benefit.

As far as mobility, we wish to educate you on the importance of your body’s ability to move. Our approach is based on expert-level science and it will you real insight into your own movement.

Most importantly, at BellyProof we take no compromises at giving you something better. Something better than anything out there and something you can use, do and be proud of your results. There’s nothing more powerful than taking charge of your own body transformation and have the tools, the science and a simple approach to achieve it in weeks.

We want to change the way people approach size and body fat, one success story at a time.

Welcome to something better.

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