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Some of the results our Bellyproofers shared. The difference 5-6 weeks can make!

Finished the BellyProof program?

Let’s get you on the wall of fame!

Is there any incentive for sharing?

Of course! Those who are kind enough to share their weight loss before and after pictures, get some special bonus material.

Plus, you get to show off, and why wouldn’t you? You’ve worked hard for a result to improve your health and your physique, and you should be proud to show the fruits of your labor.

Are these authentic?

Yes, 100% – we limit the use of photo editing software for noise removal / improving brightness / contrast, cropping so they fit better etc.. we don’t manipulate the photos in any way that can be unreal.

All the people you see here have followed some version of the bellyproof body transformation program. We tend to release an updated version every 1-2 years to reflect feedback, science and anything we think might help as we never stop researching.

That said, the principles behind the program have always been more or less consistent, though the method has improved dramatically over time.

Remember, you can always change your mind

If for any reason, you decide you want to blur your face, or be removed completely, you are always entitled to. Just let us know. We will always respect your decision.

Your weight loss before and after photos, your right to privacy.

The only thing you need to be aware of is that if your photo has been shown (usually as background, and we try and make face blurry just in case) in one of our videos, we won’t be able to remove it from that content, which is why we ask for your explicit permission before accepting any submission.

Why are these results better than those seen in traditional weight loss programs?

Traditional programs are based on calories, “metabolism” (both somewhat empty concepts once you dig into the science) and whatever makes you sweat. Traditionally weight loss is seen as a result of hard physical work coupled with eating less.

We break down weight loss into what happens on the cellular level. For example, how we get the content of fat cells (triglycerides), how we transport that content (blood flow), break it down (into fatty acids), and how we deliver that content to be oxidized (burnt in the mitochondria).

If you are focused on improving the process that drive fat loss, and you have a better process than simply eating less and training more, you can expect better results.

This is why our bellyproofers do better with this program, better than they ever did on any other program before.