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Why is breakfast the most important meal of the day? Surprise! The best breakfast is no breakfast. Here’s why skipping breakfast, especially on training days, is a good idea.

Pack on nutrients, not packages.

Why is breakfast the most important meal of the day? Because it just is! At least, that is what we are told and sold.

Traditional breakfasts such as pancakes and packaged cereal may taste sweet but they come with a price. Highly processed food and foods that are high in sugar are appealing to our sense of convenience but they provide no nutritional benefit. In fact, the opposite is true. You would be much better off choosing a simple salad, eggs or oatmeal for breakfast. Chia seed pudding is also a good option as it packs goods fats with fibre and hydration. The one thing you should always have for breakfast is water. Aim for at least half a litre when you wake up.

And then there were three?

Three meals a day, who came up with that? We are always told not to skip meals, especially not breakfast. Why? 3 is not a magic number. The idea comes from the fear of slowing down your metabolism. Thing is, the myth of starvation mode has been disproved (read the first undeniable research right here). Most of us can do with two good meals a day if we make sure we drink enough water.

Skip and then hop

When you are training for weight loss, skipping breakfast is a good idea. Go on and exercise on empty stomach because fasted states is a vital condition to optimize conditions for weight loss.

  • It keeps your insulin levels low. Insulin is a fat storing hormone and should not be flooding your system when you are trying to break or burn fat. You want your efforts to bring results.
  • Sustaining the state of low Insulin is the ONLY way to inhibit receptors on fat cells called Alpha-2. They are one of the primary reasons why stubborn fat is considered stubborn.
  • It keeps your blood flowing to the working muscles instead of flowing mostly to your stomach for digestion.
  • Food moving around in your stomach while training will make you feel heavy at best and sick at worst.

If you are worried about feeling hungry during your workout, you can let go of this concern. Once the adrenaline comes to the party, you will not feel the hunger until the very end of your training or even after. It’s just the nature of things which brings us to the next point:

You are not a car

Think about it. Have you ever seen an overweight cheetah? In nature, animals go hunting and use high amounts of energy when they need to feed. After they eat, they rest.  Humans like to invent stuff, like machines… but the truth is. You are not a machine, you are an animal, a beast!

If you keep worrying about your sources of energy for training, because you still think calories are a thing, then you are working according to the old, outdated ways. Stop worrying about calories, if anything it will raise your Cortisol levels 😉 . The truth is, you are not a car. You don’t need “fuel to burn”, in fact, the fuel is already there. It’s called “body fat” and if you train and eat the smart way, the BellyProof program will show you how to use this very specific fuel, to become invincible.

Breakfast? Give me a break!

In conclusion: If you ever wondered why is breakfast the most important meal of the day, know this: we did too. We also thought the answer given of “because it’ll speed up your metabolism” is just away to avoid the question. It also ignores important factors like biology, hormones and important receptors involved in the desired process. Remember, you are not a machine.

Let’s get moving, let’s get moving correctly. Time to unleash the beast!