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Raw Data and Full Measurements

As promised, below are the unedited before and after measurements, along with all the PDFs from daily measurements and data summary.

It’s all here.

You can download both our daily measurements (over the course of the entire transformation) here

Summary and charts are available here: BellyProof – Data Summary.

Bellyproof 7
5 week results (2023)


Why haven't you lost as much and what does it mean?

Worry not!

The version we did was a draft, meaning we constantly monitored and changed a lot of things on the fly as we tested the program. What you are getting in the workout is the refined version of everything we did (eliminated the bad, doubled on the good).

We have to test things, it’s part of our process and it’s also reflected in our results.

It’s also worth mentioning that unlike the results for 2021 where we did everything we possibly could over the 8 weeks, this time around we did the bare minimum, because we wanted to see what that looks like.

Having all the data, the changes we made along the way and knowledge to understand it, we are more than confident this is a far more promising version. We wouldn’t make a fuss of it if we didn’t think it’s going to deliver for you in a massive way! 🙂