Blood flow

Do you have restricted blood circulation ? If you wish to get rid of stubborn fat, you must understand the hot-face-cold-belly problem and why you must fix it first.

Try this:

Touch the fat on your face (cheeks) and feel the temperature around there. Better yet, if you can measure it – do that!

Now touch the fat on your belly and check for the temperature there. Compare the two. If the temperature around your belly is colder than the face then we have a problem. A hot face-cold belly problem means that the blood flow to your belly is restricted. This makes stubborn fat a lot more stubborn unless fixed.

Blood Circulation is How You Access Fat Tissue

Before we can fix the restriction, we must understand why restricted blood flow is restricting your results.

  • Blood carries hormones which our bodies need in order to break fat into free fatty acids. You must break fat before you can burn it. Think of it like setting up a campfire at the beach, you must bring broken branches or paper as fuel to burn. If you have them, but can’t carry them to the fire (via blood circulation), then you can’t burn them. Capish?
  • Oxygen is also carried in the blood, and is needed to oxidise fat. In other words, if we want to burn broken fat then oxygen must be present. Going back to the campfire example, there is no such thing as fire without oxygen.

If your belly is colder than your face, it means the blood flow is restricted. That really means that hormones (such as HGH and Adreanline, both vital for fat breaking), as well as oxygen, struggle to reach the stubborn fat around your belly. It is like driving a car and getting stuck at a red light on an empty road. Moreover, restricted blood flow is one of the defining properties of stubborn fat.

Increase the Heat

So now that you understand why you must fix the problem to get rid of stubborn fat, the only remaining question is how. Let’s talk logistics.

  • Internally – You can take supplements to increase blood flow all around your body. This is not super effective but it can help. Stuff like Arginine or Citruline increase blood circulation. This helps the blood circulation and increases the blood flow to your belly as well. You should ideally take these about 30 minutes before training. The problem is that a lot of supplements like the above either have a minor effect or that they undermine other functions. The two mentioned can be great for blood circulation but at the same time, inhibit growth hormone production so while you fix one problem, you might be creating another.
  • Externally – Heating creams and gels can also help.  Massage these before your workout straight onto the areas of your body where you have stubborn fat. You can also apply direct heat to the tissue (hot water bottle on your belly? shower before training? there are options!).
  • The BellyProof way -> while there are many ways to help blood circulation, one of the best way is via reduced Insulin. Sustained levels of reduced Insulin can dramatically improve abdominal blood flow. This is where the LION (Low Insulin Optimized Nutrition) method can really come in handy. You can ready about it here.
  • On-going testing: we are currently testing some advanced ways of increasing blood circulation and this will be shared as we get more results through out the second half of 2019. So keep an eye on the website to see what we find.

Remember, blood circulation is important but you still need to optimize your fat breaking and fat burning cycles to benefit from it. You can read more about it on the main page.