Details… Details… How Can Anyone Lose Belly Fat

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This is a program like no other, but watching the transformation video you may think… for f**k sake. He shows a transformation, he gets into some science… but what did he actually do?

  • The full program is complex (I made it easy to follow and there are professional video tutorials for everything but don’t think it’s simple as saying “eat less and train more”). It costs money (It comes down to about $3-4 a day for 5 weeks, you also save money on food as we use basic ingredients so you can make the math and find for yourself that it’s it’s an investment).
  • Here’s an overall break down of everything I did and the experience 🙂

Day 0 (the day before starting)

  • Record the video – I can only show you myself fat before I start 🙂
  • Meal prep for the next few days – working with a meal plan we’ve created in house. The meal plan doesn’t restrict quantities (no calories or macros to count) but it does play on Carbohydrate and sodium levels. Together with the exercise, it’s designed to get you into rapid ketogenic states (much more rapid than “ketogenic diets”) while reducing gut inflammatory agents like gluten and sugar. It’s not all low carbs either – read stage 2 further down to know what I mean. By the way, here’s a link to why we don’t use calories.
  • Make sure I’ve got a few basic supplements – there are strictly no steroids or anything dodgy but we do use a few basic supplements like Caffeine, Creatine and Amino-Acids (building blocks of protein) in creative ways.
  • Make sure I’ve got the equipment needed at hand – some days I’m planning to train at the gym, other days at the park / at home. There’s no need for an improvised gym in your garage but there are a few basic bits of equipment like a hanging bar and 1-2 heavy kettle-bells that will make the training more accurate.

Day 1-5 (stage 1):

  • Hormonal state: We used clever timings / fasted state / sleep etc..  to reduce Insulin, inhibit alpha-2 receptors and stimulate blood circulation to stubborn areas (i.e. my love handles… which seems to be cold at this point).
  • Morning: No breakfast, instead we have water, sodium and optionally black coffee as we get ready for training.There’s a few minutes of mobility exercise to do in the morning (just as you’re out of bed) and then you’re ready to hit it hard. The morning mobility is based primarily on CARs (Controlled articular rotations) – I didn’t invent it but I did adapt it based on my extensive background with high level mobility, FRC and motor control and it makes a big difference.
  • Morning: Workout with stage 1 of the program (4 training days, 1 rest day) – this is an easier stage designed to get your body used to intensity structuring, breaking fat, burning fat and a 2-stage blood oxygenation.
  • Afternoon-Evening: 2 Meals (fairly low carbs, no sugar), lots o Creatine (to saturate the muscles) and a few other bits and bobs. I’m quite hungry so I’m glad no one is standing above me with a calorie calculator. I would punch them.

—-It’s not easy, it’s not traditional and Shakira wasn’t wrong when she said the hips don’t lie.

Days 6-25 (stage 2):

  • Similar routine in the morning, it’s much easier now as the body is fully saturated with creatine and the cellular adaption to use fat as fuel is greater than it’s affinity to using carbs as fuel. I’m slightly tweaking the stimulant dosage at this point (the caffeine) as well as water levels.
  • Training is now divided into 4 different workouts instead of 1 workout. They are intense yet balanced so you never get “too sore” to complete the next one. Each workout takes around 55 minutes and is structured as a mix of high intensity, supper eccentrics and a bit of instability to break fat. Then rapid (almost cardio-like) integrated movements at low-medium intensity and ideally offset (off center) as it helps with engaging more type 1 muscle fibers, which at this point are primed to burn fat. It’s non stop, at first you get very buzzed from the high level of growth hormone your body releases and the adrenaline rush. At the second part of the workout you get a lot more sweaty, less buzzed but feeling good with all the endorphins your body releases.
  • Towards the end of training I finish it with traditional cardio (for just a few minutes) and ideally swimming as it allows me to use a breathing trick that forces cells to use oxygen better. As oxygen is part of how fat is being burnt (oxidized), this allows to get extra fat burning from everything you do earlier, in just a few minutes.
  • At this point, there are less supplements to worry about (creatine has already been loaded) and it’s more about making the meals a bit nicer. You can eat as much as you need but carbs / sodium targets still exist.
  • Stage 2 is quite nice on food, it feels rewarding to be able to have 2 slices of pizza and a glass of wine twice a week. It’s almost unbelievable that there is room for that on an extreme fat loss program but if you understand how it all works, it’s not a problem.
  • Noted: sleeping has improved dramatically at this point, now that we are also making probiotics at home – very vivid dreams but loving it.

Twice a week I can have a bit of pizza and wine now (i.e. my legs are hurting from training but I’m not complaining).

Days 26-35 (stage 3):

Ahhh the last 10 days. 5 (weeks) x 7 (days) = 35.. It’s time to give a final push. At this point you’ve lost a pretty unbelievable amount of fat. Hard works and a great strategy always pays off more than hard work done with a average strategy.

  • We keep the same 4 workouts that we alternate between. I chose to train 5 days and rest for 2 days. The exercise routine is the same but as you are getting stronger, I chose to up the intensity in a few of them.
  • I feel a lot more confident now (in my position, taking the shirt off at the gym and being a fatso, is getting unwanted attention both from my workmates and my clients. Being able to “show” everyone the level of change in less than 4 weeks, is… satisfying). Also, not only the love handles have reduced in size tremendously, they are not cold to the touch any more. Great!
  • Everything in this stage is very similar, we just do yet another shift in sodium and water, we start to de-saturate the muscles out of the creatine content we put in there. At this stage, we get rid of water retention we initially put in there to super hydrate the muscles for better performance and strength output. Yeah, performing better is great (and you still will to a good extent as it takes a couple of days to de-saturate the muscles) – but as we get closer to the finish line, we want to see everything we’ve done right? Nobody wants to finish the program not on their best.

3 days before the end (still stage 3) – Crikey, this is my lowest weight! Very cool to see the numbers dropping so rapidly this week on the scale. Today and tomorrow there’s a lot more carbohydrates allowed so I’m happy about my food, going to get some pasta and potatoes (don’t worry, it’s strategic).

Last day (still stage 3)

  • I’m slightly up on the weight (only slightly from my lowest at 3 days ago) but it’s for a good reason. My muscles are slightly heavier today as I was working to restore glycogen levels in the muscles. I feel good!
  • Last workout feels a bit more like a circuit, kind of more like traditional training for the first time, it’s only 1 day (as it’s not the most optimized way to train for weight loss) but it’s nice to make the shift and the energy is great (no wonder people do it all the time, the endorphins are crazy). I don’t expect to lose more weight in the last hour, the last hour is more about showing and emphasizing the change. It doesn’t hurt that I got some positive comments today from people who I never spoke to in the gym but have noticed the changes – be nice to people, it certainly put a smile on my face.
  • Setup my old camcorder and record my after video. I think other people are going to want in on this. (update: I was right) 🙂

1 month later update:

  • Was busy editing my results video the last few weeks (no.. you can’t photoshop results when it’s on video – that’s for photos…  just regular video editing.. I hate my voice at minute 1 and I look a bit stupid at minute 2 etc..).
  • I’m pretty sure I haven’t really put any weight back on (maybe about 0.5 pound over my last day).
  • I have been eating well (but I did have a few chocolates, a burger, a milkshake.. you get the idea.. I wasn’t a saint but the weight is balanced).
  • Now that I’m leaner, I shifted my training a bit towards high level strength training. Check out ma progress on the human flag (on the beach, in January a few months later – it was 17 degrees Celsius so good enough for a cool selfie!)