Skinny Fat

How I fixed skinny fat in just 5 weeks without calories, crunches or even running…

The video is 6 minutes. You will want to watch it all as there is incredible information in there!



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It's amazing how much you can achieve by working smarter. This program ticks all the boxes.


I wasted years running and counting calories. I'm so happy I stumbled on your website!

Brian A.

It is the first time in a long time that I'm happy with my body. It was really fun as well!

Michelle R.

This is ground breaking! The science behind it makes so much more sense than what you hear out there.

Orli S.

I thought I will never lose this belly. I'm coming from a history of injuries and happy to say Jacob has been helpful and very knowledgeable. Thank you!

Mahmood A.

Skinny Fat

skinny fatWhat is it really and how can you fix it? A Skinny fat person doesn’t look fat in clothes. Not until they take them off! Then… it’s obvious that looks are deceptive. It is also scientifically noted that central obesity (fat around the middle) is the unhealthiest type of fat. In fact, it can contribute to a mass of a health conditions..

It also doesn’t feel right. The urge to always go for “medium” instead of “small” because your fat belly will show through. The frustration knowing you are not overweight, but equally far from lean. It jiggles, it shows and it is uncomfortable to say the least.

It happens because of little muscle tone, high body fat percentage and messy fat distribution. We researched how to fix it and we came up with a great solution.

We would like to help people transform the skinny fat body type by addressing all three problems. The good news are that you can improve your muscle definition and fat distribution. We do it to the point it becomes more even, to reduce your body fat by a significant amount. You can check the pictures taken through the project to turn both myself and others from chubby to fit. With an average drop of 9-12% in body fat in just 5 weeks.

It’s brilliant, it’s fun and it works. Smile, you can soon feel comfortable in your own skin.

Moobs / Thunder-Thighs

Too much Estrogen often make it self known in the forms of Moobs for men and dreaded thunder thighs for Women. A fat body will hold more estrogen, sure, but this is not the end of the story. We will help you improve estrogen balance while maximizing your body’s ability to create hGH, a hormone that works to break previously stored stubborn fat. Make stubborn fat in the chest, thighs, belly and even arms more accessible. This is simply a matter of improving blood circulation and reducing alpha-2 receptors resistance where it is high.

Obese (and Yo-Yo Weight)

Truth be told, if you got much to lose, it’s possible that any steps taken to reduce your mass will help to some extent (any program or diet). The difference is that BellyProof is far more targeted to help you get better results. With BellyProof you lose body fat around 2-3 times faster than what you previously experienced.

Are you at all surprised to discover that traditional programming overlook important factors? Factors like restricted circulation, hormonal balance, movement science (“muscle groups” are different to movement) and more. The majority of programs ignore a key principle for weight loss: Losing body-fat (not just water) by breaking the fat prior to burning it. We will help you ace it and get you into a happier shape 🙂

There is a lot going on behind the scenes.

The program is designed to be easy to follow, streamlined and adaptable but behind the scenes, there is a lot of research, fine tuning and a a working application of advanced scientific knowledge. From better motor control science and application to a more strategic formula to ensure fat is being lost instead of water. Discover why breaking fat before burning fat is the only way to guarantee success with a skinny fat workout.

That moment when the personal trainers in your gym start taking your advice! They didn't even use to notice me.

Simon A.

Is your belly colder?

Touch your face and compare the temperature to your stomach. Is your belly coder than your face? This is a common problem we see with anyone who have high levels of abdominal fat. If certain areas of your body are cold, it can point to limited blood circulation to and from the affected areas. Especially in contrast to subcutaneous fat which tends to be warmer.

Fixing the skinny fat syndrome starts by addressing the real factors behind this annoying problem and really improving your health and fitness.

Refreshing to find a system that challenges the basic weight loss norms with in-depth science. For me this was the missing piece of the puzzle.

Emily P.

The BellyProof Guide on Accelerated Fat Loss

is quite literally the best program you can find.

We’ve all faced this problem. We run, we lift, we count our calories but somehow our bodies feels fat.

It can be frustrating! I see people going to the gym, working hard and managing a diet and yet they are left with a belly. A tough reminder that fitness ideas can be very flawed.
When they ask good questions, they often get limited answers that rely on calories and metabolism. If you understand why that mindset is flawed, then you will understand you can’t fix a problem with the same mindset which created it.

I want to show you how to burn belly fat by using a different mindset. We think calories and metabolism don’t matter much, but low testosterone, ineffective program design and simple things like making sure your belly isn’t cold, do.

in conclusion, inconvenient factors are simply too important to “conveniently” ignore for those who are serious about getting the absolute best results.

skinny with belly

Your Well-Being is Important

Discover a better way to balance and improve your sleep, recovery, libido and how you feel day to day. A lot of the protocols that can be found in this program focus on getting better natural responses.

no dodgy methods – only good and proven science, delivered on a very different platform.

We loved the paleo inspired meal plans! They were yummy, satisfying and made us feel energetic. We loved how it fits the system but takes great considerations to look after our personal requirements.

Ella and Steven

Skinny Fat Diet Meal Plans!

It’s personal, it doesn’t even mention the word “calories” and it works great with the system. The meal plans are made by a team of professional nutritionists. They are done with great love and care to fit both your personal taste and dietary requirements as well as the strict requirements of the system.

Of course, there is zero need for “cheat days” when you have meals you can enjoy. The meal plans don’t only taste great but are super healthy by any standard and will fit the BellyProof program requirements as well as your own personal ones.

What is so different about this approach?

We don’t use the same ol’ narrative

Many fitness gurus would ask you to do small changes to your life style: “Start with lemon-water every day”, “reduce stress” etc… All that advice is given in the hope that accumulating good life style changes will result in long-term improvements and that some day you may look better because of it. In contrast, other big names would rather ignore ignore health all together and replace it with “push hard or go home” mentality. We believe both approaches are incorrect and indirect. We can absolutely create change, in a very short amount of time (think 5 weeks) while improving every aspect of your health and well being.

We prefer to use our heads, even when inconvenient, and to ask the hard questions. What good is it to ignore the science when it doesn’t fit the narrative? We prefer acknowledge it and come up with our own answers. You can explore this more by wathcing the videos on the website (you can watch for free, no need to buy the program for that).

BellyProof is probably one of the only programs that is driven by hard-core science, rather than big marketing. We are also proud to say that we don’t stick to our guns and when science evolves, so does the program. This is in contrast to the mainstream that seems to be doing the same thing for the last 30-40 years or so. We like to take advantage of the new scientific developments which is always happening.

You can forget about counting calories, doing sit-ups and possibly even going for a run. We’ll show you something very different.

Blood Circulation

blood circulation You don’t need to have a fat body to suffer from a fat belly.

This is one of those inconvenient truths that is overlooked by the majority of the weight reduction industry. The problem lies in the transportation of oxygen, free fatty acids and various hormones that are involved in the process. They all rely on being able to access different areas of the body with the blood stream. If blood circulation is restricted, so does their ability to perform their role effectively.

When you think about that, improving blood circulation is not only healthy in every way, but also a very natural way to improve how you deal with the problem of stubborn fat. This will help you take things further than ever before and not addressing this issue, is a major reason why many programs fail to deliver.

Insulin and Intermittent Fasting

It is time that we stopped talking about eating salads all day and getting all the protein we can consume. What drives real fat loss is a hormonal sequence. It’s not good if we get all the response, we want specific ones one after the other. The changes that we create in our hormonal balance are through all mediums: supplements, diets, exercise and lifestyle changes that are easy to do.


Improving Low-T

Most people assume that having low testosterone is a problem unique to those who don’t exercise. This is because it is a well known fact that exercise can increase your T-Levels. This is great but on it’s own it is lacking to say the least.

There is not shortage of people who workout and yet have fatty chest (saggy moobs for men) or low sex drive. It doesn’t mean they take steroids, it does mean they are not addressing the problem fully and a partial solution is not a good solution. To add to the problem, lack of muscle mass can really increase how soft a person looks. This makes it even worse when combined with a high body fat percentage.

We don’t look just at testosterone but rather at what affects it as well. What good is it if you manage to get high testosterone and lose it by converting it to estrogen when you’re looking the other way?

Forget “calories in and calories out” and think hormones

It’s been around for decades: “train harder and eat less to lose weight”. This of course may be true true to a point but it’s based on a limited understand that can only give limited results. If you want to improve results, we have to look at what’s really going on under the surface. From different muscle fibre types to their corresponding hormonal secretion and all the way to cellular enzymes that may block fat loss. We simply don’t want you to work hard and be in your own way at the same time. It’s like working on 10% efficiency for 10 months, instead of working at a 100% efficiency for 1 month. Both are hard work, but one is completely ineffective.

The BellyProof system prides itself on disengaging from pointless discussion about calories and metabolism while backing it up with some, hard to ignore, scientific evidence.  We argue that there is a different between hitt workouts and what makes you sweat, that a biological sequence does matter and that getting you to “break” fat before burning it is essential.

Anytime you aren’t working correctly, you are essentially working hard and incorrectly. This usually results in yo-yo weight or people going to the gym and losing water. It looks great at first, but it comes back – because it was never fat to begin with. We employ a more strategic approach and the results speak for themselves.

It’s not healthy

It’s now established fact that having visceral fat is more dangerous to you that being over-all obese.

This is due to a higher risk of developing heart disease, diabetes and other conditions. Have you ever wondered why stubborn fat is made stubborn in the first place?

  • Abdominal tissue has more cortisol receptors than regular subcutaneous fat, about 400% more.
  • Alpha-2 receptors can be found in much higher density in stubborn areas. This make the fatty tissue very resistant to the first phase of losing weight which is the fat breaking.
  • Your Abdominal tissue often suffers from limited blood circulation. This is unfortunate as we rely on the blood to deliver anything from oxygen to hormones, all the way to the target areas.

If you ever noticed the famous saying that you lose fat evenly, then you are now confronted with a contradictory statement. This means, if you really lose fat evenly all over the body, then why is your belly not going down with the rest of it? If the belly is resistant to your efforts, it will not budge but with out system, we can take down the resistance and show you a better way to do it, everywhere, belly included.

Motor control is important

calisthenics and belly fatMost people just want to look better but never think about how to train their bodies for what they are designed to do – but rather how they think they want them to look.

The BellyProof system is designed with far more than weight loss in mind. With a serious background in motor control, the system will also improve your mobility and flexibility (they are different to each other) and help you feel better all over.

The focus is of course still on belly fat but we recognize that it will require exercise which is based on good mobility. We do our part to help you improve the prerequisites because when everything works better…than everything works better.

What about muscles?

Because body fat is measured as a percentage, the higher level of muscle mass you posses, the lower the percentage of body fat we calculate as part of your body composition. In other words, if you don’t have much muscles, you have a higher probability of suffering from the skinny fat look. It sounds simple but often, in real life, there are plenty of muscular guys with a hefty later of fat covering on top, making them look soft.

Apart for the quick weight loss system, we do have a more steady (and still very efficient way) to build muscles as well as skills. The more muscles you have, the less fat you need to lose in order to look your leanest. Thin people often have average fat but they get away with it if they hold enough muscles. Needless to say, if your stomach won’t shift, you are still out of luck but luckily, this is where our protocol really stand out.

The primary focus of BellyProof is to make you lose the extra pounds but with a bit of smart intervention, we have the systems to help you build some muscle as well. It’s worth noting though that muscle building takes more time than losing fat when done correctly. This is not so much a “bulk” vs a “cut” issue but more of how tissues are being built in the human body.

In the upgrade section, you can find some rare gems with real life application into how really induce hyper-trophy and maximize protein synthesis from a very cellular perspective.

Do I need to be a member of a gym?

The answer is no. There are many options (with good guidance) on how to to do it in most environments .That includes a gym, an open park and even at home. We still do things in a very efficient ways regardless to maximize results. All the minimal necessary equipment is covered in the FAQ section (watch the short video on that page).

That being said, having access to a gym, in our experience, can help. Not just because every standard gym will have all the equipment by default, Rather, also because of the atmosphere (air conditioning, music and energetic environment). It by no means necessary, but psychologically it can help keep your focus in the right place.

Besides , when you are in the gym you have more motivation to workout. After all, you may look funny to other people if you spend too much time resting or checking your smart phone. This can really work to your benefit and motivate you to do the work.

Most people train the wrong way!

You can often find people attempting the following:

  • Spending way too much time on doing “Cardio”, whether it’s running, swimming or aerobic classes. This is not correct because relying solely on steady state aerobic training, will result in sweat and water loss. Less fat loss than most people imagine.
  • Stress too much about their food intake and keeping low calories.
  • Not understanding muscle tension, and instead focusing on muscle groups style training.
  • Lacking the proper systems to effectively improve hormonal response as well as sleep and recovery.
  • Taking a simple fat burner, hoping that it will give them the results they’ve been missing. Also, usually jumping from one things to the next, based on whatever is being marketed as popular, rather than looking at the science.

You can actually get firmer muscles if you understand how tone (tonus / tension) is controlled by your nervous system and how body weight exercises fit this perfectly. It’s not just how you look, being stronger on the neural level can help you maintain a healthy body for years to come. Of course this is important to our cause because apart from high levels of body fat, the second problem most of these guys deal with is lack of muscle tone.

Traditional exercises with weights still have a place, but we like to use them differently. For example. to challenge how the body deals with tension in symmetrical and asymmetrical situations. This helps us to challenge stability and demand more muscle activity from type 1, which is high in the fat-burning cellular organ “Mitochondria”. Understanding how to get better activity at the cellular and global level results in better fat loss every single time.

If you can access a gym, this is beneficial. If it means you have to make compromises on your sleep and nutrition then it maybe wise to look for other places to train in. The program will give you the best advice regardless of what environment you train in for maximum results: Going to the gym is optional, skipping a healthy lifestyle is not.

Jacob Nadav BellyProof

Hi, I’m Jacob

and I’m the founder of MovementFirst and BellyProof.
I’ve been changing people’s lives for almost 10 years. Helping to create better-moving bodies which don’t just look great but also function better.

I’ve created the BellyProof program as a targeted solution to help more people with their belly because I wanted to reach all those who can’t reach me. Hence, making the option of a life changing program available to you,  no matter where in the world you may live.

I want to expose you to the gold standard of weight loss training. A system that will set you on a path to amazing results every single time. I’m looking forward to oversee your body transformation with BellyProof, the best way to lose belly fat!




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