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Frequently Asked Questions

Why doesn’t the warm-up not includes light cardio / easy sets, stretching or foam-rolling?

Light cardio /easy-sets are raising temperature and heating you up, this is not bad but it’s not helping you move better in any way. If you have hips mobility issues, running / cycling will aggravate them while the mobility drills like the “rocking matrix”, will help you resolve and improve them prior to training. Stretching / Foam rolling is problematic before high intensity as it increases flexibility. Flexibility is passive range of motion that you can’t control and this can easily get you injured (as oppose to mobility which is range of motion you have full control over). Stretching and foam rolling is useful only as a small fraction of a much bigger protocols to control passive range. If you are serious about mobility, look no further than a system called FRC by Dr. Andreo Spina.

How does heart rate monitor comes into play?

I haven’t made a heart rate monitor compulsory as not everyone can use it (irregular conditions) or ability to buy a good HR monitor. While the use of a heart rate monitor is optional, if you happen to use one (I recommend a chest strap either by Polar or Garmin), it can help you estimate if you work aerobically (around 50-60% or under) or anaerobically (higher than that). Which can be useful as the aerobic and anaerobic are connected to the breaking and the burning – there’s a video to show you how I use mine.

What about Alcohol?

Everything has a place and time as we don’t live in a remote farm, but the place and time is, “just not right now”. Please consider, you got this program because I showed you an extremely efficient way to lose fat quickly. If you start cheating the protocols and thinking, you can balance hard work with cheating away, then all you do is balancing. Just for reference, Alcohol dehydrates you and interferes with various hormonal reactions for up to 72h after you drink it (even if you don’t feel it). My answer: plan to avoid going out too much in the next 5 weeks and if you do, commit to avoid temptations. You’re not trying to work hard to lose weight in the next year, you’re trying to do in a couple of weeks and you can do it if you stay disciplined. Always keep your perspective: It’s only for a few weeks.

On asymmetrical exercises, which side to do first, left or right?

On exercises that requires you to repeat on the left and right sides, start with the side that you feel is harder (it’s ok to make a mistake and adjust for the next set). We all tend to choose our strong sides but we don’t want to work our body out of functional balance. On another note, on the side that’s harder, make an extra effort to avoid un-necessary rotation from the lower back, hips etc… usually doing so (while still harder on the side), makes everything better.

Help – I keep cramping!

Good! Work with the cramp and if you’re me, try to cramp it harder without making a funny face. When you get good enough control at end range the cramping will stop (usually 2-3 weeks but longer in some cases). You would learn to enjoy it, Muhahaha!

I’m doing the Ramadan Fasting, how does it fit?

If you’re drinking water through the fast, you can technically do it with a bit of creativity. This is a hard program and if you’re not drinking water while fasting, I recommend delaying this program.

What if I need to take a break, if I fall ill or if I skip sessions?

This program is not written in stone but it is written in an ideal way. Even if you skip a little, you should still see good results but better results will absolutely be guaranteed to those who stick to all the rules.

What if I still want to lose fat after the program is over

We all have different amounts of fat we want to lose (some of us have a bit of an overhang, some of us are obese), you are welcome to carry on with this program for as long as you need to and it should serve you well. I do recommend taking 2-3 days break after the 5 weeks if you do choose to continue.

I need motivation

The best way is to put yourself out there, post your before photo on your Facebook wall, or on the official facebook page. The social pressure combined with great support will give you all the motivation you need. I posted my progress photos as I was doing it, great motivation.

I have lack of equipment in my gym, what can I use as alternatives?

I aim to give a pretty good variety, as long as it follows the rules and protocols of this program. Aim to do everything as written but if for any reason you are not able to do an exercise, you may switch to a different exercise (from the same section) from one of the other workouts. The equipment needed is minimal and allows training in a gym, at home or even outside – it’s a smart design. If you still run into problems, you can get in touch and we’ll figure out an alternative exercise.