losing weight without exercise

Not everyone likes to exercise but most of us wants to lose weight. Ever wondered if losing weight without exercise is a good option for you? Read on to find why fat loss and weight loss are 2 different things.

Losing Weight without Exercise is LAZY and INEFFICIENT

Weight loss VS fat loss

Let’s get this out of the way, once and for all. Weight loss and fat loss are not the same thing. Weight is a total measurement, while fat is a component of weight. This is why body composition is much more important than BMI. BMI scores can tell you a bodybuilder is obese when in fact all the ‘excess’ weight in the weight to height ratio comes from muscle bulk. Just the same, our body is made, composed, of various components – hence the name body composition. Bone density, muscle mass, fat and water weight all have a part to play. When it comes to fat loss, we are talking about lowering the fat percentage. When talking about weight loss, we usually talk about what you see on the scale, primarily water weight.

Water weight, yo!

Yo-yo weight and water weight are highly correlated. If not working out according to the correct biological sequence, all the sweat effort goes to losing water. The problem is that water binds with carbs, so whenever you invite carbohydrates into your plate, water always shows up. It isn’t just an uninvited ‘plus one’, it is a plus three! The same thing goes for cutting carbs, which is one of the reasons why dieting alone is not enough if we want to lose fat.

Break Free

No matter how many times you heard you can lose all the fat by dieting alone, no matter how much you want to believe it, science points in a different direction. Although dieting may contribute to weight and fat loss, it is just not efficient by itself for a few reasons:

  • If you want to burn fat, you must break it first. This is down to triggering a specific type of muscle fibre. Sadly, dieting will not push the button to get these fibres going.
  • Hormonal obstacles. A good clean and healthy diet and making sure to lower intake of foods where the combination of high fat and high carbs exists will help reduce oestrogen (fat storing hormone) levels. Unfortunately, a good diet won’t create high levels of Human Growth Hormone (HGH), which is a fat breaking hormone.
  • Blood flow to stubborn fat areas such as the belly, triceps and chest is often restricted. This restricts the breaking and burning of fatty tissue. Tweaking this alone could lead to more fat loss due to systematic efficiency. You can test this by touching your tummy and testing it’s temperature against another area of your body such as your face. The restricted blood flow is the reason it’s cold.
  • Alpha-2 Receptors and Cortisol Receptors play a major part in how you store fat and whether your body is going to let you get rid of it. While a correct diet sets the right conditions, exercise can stimulate the correct mechanisms.
  • Sustainability. Most people struggle keeping up with a restricted diet for a long time. No one wants to feel punished and we all have our moments when we cave into our cravings.

losing weight without exercise

Diet is a small, small, world

In a world were lazy standards are promoted to our lazy lifestyle, it’s no wonder we escape to the joy in foods. We look at exercise as a mean to an end, but it doesn’t have to be. There is a joy in movement, a joy in getting your body working and improving and you do not have to follow the mainstream ideas of running and lifting heavy weights. In fact, there are many evidence alternative approaches such as the ones we use, have many, many times the benefits of traditional exercise, without the associated risks. Don’t think sets and reps, don’t think muscles. Just think about making your body work better and movement, the program will introduce you to the rest.

Make it worthwhile

It is much more realistic and efficient to combine a good diet with a smart training programme to get maximum results in minimum time. If you ever tried losing weight without exercise, you know it’s an equation full of limitations. Knowing you have a solution that works every time is a safety net. That being said, we do encourage adopting a healthy lifestyle which includes healthy eating as well as quality exercise. The truth is most people who took the BellyProof programme do not look back. They feel such a positive change in the way they move and the food that they eat, that they can enjoy the odd pizza and chocolate once in a while with no guilt and with no desire to overdo it. When you treat your body well, you not only see the results but you feel the benefit from within.